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Hydroponics : A Revolution in Farming

Hydroponics is basically a type of farming done with the combination of chemical solutions with the plants. Now, you will wonder how we can grow vegetables in indoors with water and nutrients, without soil. And those plants will be having enough nutrients for human beings to survive and to lead a Healthy lifestyle? Answer is a Big Yes! Hydroponics offers growing healthy foods easily in the poorer countries of the world where the terrain or climate is inhospitable to agriculture. Also, in those areas where the soil has lost its nutrients or fertile land is hard to come by, hydroponics can produce healthy foods using minimum space and resources. Maxgrowshop is the largest online hydroponic shop in entire Europe, that is selling high-quality grow kits like complete Tent kits, Ventilation kits, MH, HPS and CFL lighting kits.

Hydroponic gardening

There are two major advantages of hydroponics over traditional farming. Hydroponic gardening saves space. In Hydroponic farming, plants can be placed much more closely together than in traditional fields because of the way nutrients are provided to them. So, amount of space required for growing plants using hydroponic techniques is very less and you can grow as many as four times as many plants can be grown as compared with traditional farming. Secondly, hydroponics minimizes many of the problems associated with traditional farming which means less sickly, damaged, or wasted crops thus hydroponic growing can be more productive. Let me explain this for you. For example,

  • Yield of Reddish in ground is only 5 to 10 tons whereas in hydroponics farming, the harvest is 50 to 300 tons!
  • Yield of Cucumber, the figures are 7000 pounds whereas in hydroponics farming it is 27,000 pounds.
  • Yield of Spinach is 8000 pounds in ground & 19,000 pounds in hydroponics farming.

Now, if you are thinking to start with this new way of farming, there are some important points which you have to take care and they are following:

  • Hydroponic growers customize all the nutrient mixes and for doing so proper knowledge is mandatory. The whole workout of figuring out which field has the best soil and proper nutrition for which crop is very crucial in hydroponic gardening and here proper knowledge plays the lead role.
  • You have to install proper irrigation system and lighting system that are necessary for the hydroponic gardens and these systems also require specific amount of space.
  • Plants thriving under hydroponics garden have to be carefully examined.

There are online mega stores on the internet which are providing Basic/Beginner level hydroponics kit. Online stores like Maxgrowshop provide a wide range of Hydroponics grow systems. The way it is gaining popularity day by day, we can conclude this that it is surely going to rule the world in future!