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Homebox Tents: growing plants indoor made easy!!

The recent attention domestic gardening has been getting has lead opened the flood gates for gardening products online. So much so that choosing the right product has become a herculean task, to say the least. With numerous product and their respective variants up for grabs; it is but obvious that one may get confused between what and what not to choose.

Most gardening enthusiasts face this issue while trying to find the right products at a reasonable price online. One such product, which a majority of gardening enthusiasts face difficulty while choosing is grow tent.


Homebox tents have been very popular among gardening enthusiasts for quite some time. For the uninitiated, a grow tent is an amazing and portable alternate to a garden or a permanent grow room. It is designed scientifically so as to make available the right water, temperature and light to the seeds planted in it. A scientifically designed and manufactured grow tent, like Homebox tents, is way more effective and fruitful than the traditional or conventional grow room; any given day.

Homebox tents have only improved and become of superior quality since 2001, when the original portable grow tent was invented by them. Homebox grow tents are among the most advanced portable grow tent till date from them. In simple words, it makes for an ideal space for growing plants indoors.

There are quite a few models available to choose from with Homebox. For a quick or ready referral, model names starting with the letter ‘Q’ have a square footprint; and model names starting with the letter ‘R’ have a rectangular footprint. Some of the available models with square footprint are Q30, Q60, Q80, Q80S, Q120, Q200, Q240 andQ300 while R120 R240 are the models available in a rectangular footprint.

Not only can the use of Homebox tents ensures bigger and better yields of a produce that is of high quality; it also makes the delicate art of growing at home seem a cake walk.