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One stop solution to all your gardening needs: Grow Shop

An increasing number of people have started pursuing their individual hobbies these days. Be it trekking, biking, travelling, cooking or gardening; more and more people are devoting time, energy and money into what intrigues them.

www.maxgrowshop.com/en/ is an amazing web portal which doubles up as a grow shop and a wholesale e-tailer. It has been operating in the market for a couple of years and has many satisfied customers. It is a customer oriented organization which believes in creating raving fans with exemplary customer service which is by far one of the best in the industry.

Customers associated with Maxgrowshop are hooked to it because it offers best prices which they say are competitively priced and lowest is the market. The organization is so confident of the prices they offer that it offers lowest price guarantee on its products and if you find the product at a lower price anywhere else, it offers you an even better price.

Max Grow shop is the official dealer for many big and well known brands with a wide array of products and offers the following products:

  • Grow kits like complete tent kits, ventilation kits;
  • Lighting solutions like MH, HPS and CFL lighting kits from renowned manufactures, Apollo LED, Gavita, GIB lighting and Gold label.
  • Grow tents of high quality from Mammoth and Home Box.
  • Nutrients for gardening offered are from reputed manufacturers such as advanced nutrient, gold label, Canna, Hesi, Atammi, BioBizz and Advanced Nutrients.
  • Ventilation solutions with products like Odour Neutralization, CO2 Booster, PH and EC meters.
  • Hydro and irrigation systems for optimal usage of water and effective irrigation.
  • Seeds of high quality.

And the best part is that it is safe to shop with Grow shop, not to mention the ease of hassle free ordering and end to end assistance!

Here is how it works:

  • Customer orders the desired products and chooses the most convenient payment option available among the many available options – PayPal, Master card, Visa, AMEX to name a few.
  • After payment fulfillment, customer gets an email confirmation for order fulfillment, notifying the estimated ship and delivery date.
  • As soon as the order is shipped and out for delivery, an email with the tracking details and a link to track its status is sent to customer. And generally, the orders are shipped within 24 hours of payment receipt by Max Grow.

In true sense and spirit of customer service, and hassle free end to end facilitation; the organization offers convenient online support too. It can be contacted over email, along with the traditional phone support service. One can certainly expect a reply over email within an hour if contacted during business hours between 9 am and 8 pm.

Max Grow Shop has a very effective and wide distribution network and the products are shipped across Europe with an average transport time of 3-5 days. It is a growing organization with immense potential for business opportunities and wholesaling option is available for vendors and companies. People looking for an exciting and mutually beneficial association may contact the representatives of the organization.


Plant Nutrients – How To Choose The Best Plant Nutrients?

Out on the market there are many different nutrients and additives. As a beginner it can be hard to know which one to choose and we will gladly guide you to make the right choice.

When you choose nutrients, the first decision you need to decide is if you want to grow with normal nutrients or organic ones. If you want to grow organic we at Max Grow Shop have a perfect solution for you. Biobizz offers only organic nutrients of a very high quality that will give you an amazing resultant, although being an organic nutrient. Another great organic product or nutrient is Atami Bloombastic. Atami Bloombastic is also very often used in combination with normal nutrients due its extremely high efficiency.

When it comes to normal nutrients, we have the best nutrients both for beginners and professional growers. Advanced Nutrients is the absolutely best nutrient ever been done on the market. The company has during many years made heavy studies about plants and their needs. With their nutrient you provide your plants with all they need. In this way you increase the plants uptake of nutrients. Like we humans, the plants get bigger the more they eat and drink. The nutrients is the plants food, but at the same time it is important to remember not to give the plant to strong nutrients because your plants then can get burned or even die. If you over dosage your plants with nutrients this can easily be seen as a nutrition burn at the ends of the leaves that turn bronish.


Gold Label is another very good brand on nutrients on the market. They offer concentrated high quality nutrients that is made in Holland. The high concentration makes it cheaper for big growers to get an excellent harvest. In our opinion Canna comes out as a number three and also offer a good products. Thereafter Hesi is a recommendable choice for the beginner as the nutrients is not so concentrated, which makes it easier to avoid problems with over dosage.

It is though important to have the right PH in the nutrient blend as this also affects the uptake of the nutrient solution and this way also the crop.

Finally we would like to finish with saying that Advanced Nutrient is without doubt the best regular nutrient and Biobizz is the best organic nutrient!

LED Grow Lights – Powerful Plants Grow Lights On The Market

Led Grow Lights are in fact the most effective, powerful and space-saving lights on the market.
Led panels are capable of providing a whole grow room with a bright light that leaves the plants in a great, healthy shape. These benefits are very attractive for indoor growers.
Led Grow Lights are fully self-contained and do not require ballasts and cooling systems that are essential with other lighting systems.
LED Grow Lights
Led Lights will surely save you money on electricity, for although being small they are efficient enough to reduce your electricity bill to a mere 50% compared with other lightning solutions. They are also tremendously long lasting.
Led Lights also reduce the temperature of your grow room as they emit a very small amount of heat. Functioning at a low temperature the Led Grow Lights will spare you a lot of problems, as for instance with bugs in your grow space, and your plants will easily feel healthy and vigorous.
When growing with Led you should remember to add more calcium and magnesium then normally.

Hydroponics Grow Kits- A Complete Range of Growing System For Veggies, Herbs and Flowers

Hydroponics is one of the great ways for indoor planting for different types of vegetables, herbs and flowers. In the recent times, hydroponics is becoming increasingly popular as indoor gardening methods. Grow kits contains all the required nutrients for the plants that enhance their growth and development. You don’t have to put the seeds in and wait for its growth, instead you can start indoor planting with the help of grow kits and start nurturing the plants without soil. Hydroponic grow kits are an effective and efficient way to grow plants in a small self-contained area of your home.

Hydroponics grow kits allow you to produce a variety of plants like vegetables, flowers, herbs and many more in an artificial manner without soil. Such kits are perfect for the home gardeners as this is a small and simple system of growing by putting everything in one cabinet. It also keeps your growing area neat and clean.

The success of the plants depends on the environment they are getting in a particular area. The environment is one of most important aspect that affects the end results. The temperature, humidity and lightening should be in sufficient amount for the particular type of crop.

Essential benefits of Grow kits

  • They are self-reliant
  • Energy efficient
  • Hydroponic Grow Kits have Good exposure to air
  • Reflective interior maximizing light intensity and illumination
  • Grow constantly
  • Get rid of odors
  • Humidity is controlled in hydroponic grow kits

Hence, we can say that there are several benefits of grow kits. If you are planning to buy grow kits for you, don’t forget to contact Max Grow Shop, which is one of the leading grow shop in Europe that let you a different types of grow kits at reasonable prices.