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Homebox Tents: growing plants indoor made easy!!

The recent attention domestic gardening has been getting has lead opened the flood gates for gardening products online. So much so that choosing the right product has become a herculean task, to say the least. With numerous product and their respective variants up for grabs; it is but obvious that one may get confused between what and what not to choose.

Most gardening enthusiasts face this issue while trying to find the right products at a reasonable price online. One such product, which a majority of gardening enthusiasts face difficulty while choosing is grow tent.


Homebox tents have been very popular among gardening enthusiasts for quite some time. For the uninitiated, a grow tent is an amazing and portable alternate to a garden or a permanent grow room. It is designed scientifically so as to make available the right water, temperature and light to the seeds planted in it. A scientifically designed and manufactured grow tent, like Homebox tents, is way more effective and fruitful than the traditional or conventional grow room; any given day.

Homebox tents have only improved and become of superior quality since 2001, when the original portable grow tent was invented by them. Homebox grow tents are among the most advanced portable grow tent till date from them. In simple words, it makes for an ideal space for growing plants indoors.

There are quite a few models available to choose from with Homebox. For a quick or ready referral, model names starting with the letter ‘Q’ have a square footprint; and model names starting with the letter ‘R’ have a rectangular footprint. Some of the available models with square footprint are Q30, Q60, Q80, Q80S, Q120, Q200, Q240 andQ300 while R120 R240 are the models available in a rectangular footprint.

Not only can the use of Homebox tents ensures bigger and better yields of a produce that is of high quality; it also makes the delicate art of growing at home seem a cake walk.


One stop solution to all your gardening needs: Grow Shop

An increasing number of people have started pursuing their individual hobbies these days. Be it trekking, biking, travelling, cooking or gardening; more and more people are devoting time, energy and money into what intrigues them. is an amazing web portal which doubles up as a grow shop and a wholesale e-tailer. It has been operating in the market for a couple of years and has many satisfied customers. It is a customer oriented organization which believes in creating raving fans with exemplary customer service which is by far one of the best in the industry.

Customers associated with Maxgrowshop are hooked to it because it offers best prices which they say are competitively priced and lowest is the market. The organization is so confident of the prices they offer that it offers lowest price guarantee on its products and if you find the product at a lower price anywhere else, it offers you an even better price.

Max Grow shop is the official dealer for many big and well known brands with a wide array of products and offers the following products:

  • Grow kits like complete tent kits, ventilation kits;
  • Lighting solutions like MH, HPS and CFL lighting kits from renowned manufactures, Apollo LED, Gavita, GIB lighting and Gold label.
  • Grow tents of high quality from Mammoth and Home Box.
  • Nutrients for gardening offered are from reputed manufacturers such as advanced nutrient, gold label, Canna, Hesi, Atammi, BioBizz and Advanced Nutrients.
  • Ventilation solutions with products like Odour Neutralization, CO2 Booster, PH and EC meters.
  • Hydro and irrigation systems for optimal usage of water and effective irrigation.
  • Seeds of high quality.

And the best part is that it is safe to shop with Grow shop, not to mention the ease of hassle free ordering and end to end assistance!

Here is how it works:

  • Customer orders the desired products and chooses the most convenient payment option available among the many available options – PayPal, Master card, Visa, AMEX to name a few.
  • After payment fulfillment, customer gets an email confirmation for order fulfillment, notifying the estimated ship and delivery date.
  • As soon as the order is shipped and out for delivery, an email with the tracking details and a link to track its status is sent to customer. And generally, the orders are shipped within 24 hours of payment receipt by Max Grow.

In true sense and spirit of customer service, and hassle free end to end facilitation; the organization offers convenient online support too. It can be contacted over email, along with the traditional phone support service. One can certainly expect a reply over email within an hour if contacted during business hours between 9 am and 8 pm.

Max Grow Shop has a very effective and wide distribution network and the products are shipped across Europe with an average transport time of 3-5 days. It is a growing organization with immense potential for business opportunities and wholesaling option is available for vendors and companies. People looking for an exciting and mutually beneficial association may contact the representatives of the organization.

LED Grow Lights – Powerful Plants Grow Lights On The Market

Led Grow Lights are in fact the most effective, powerful and space-saving lights on the market.
Led panels are capable of providing a whole grow room with a bright light that leaves the plants in a great, healthy shape. These benefits are very attractive for indoor growers.
Led Grow Lights are fully self-contained and do not require ballasts and cooling systems that are essential with other lighting systems.
LED Grow Lights
Led Lights will surely save you money on electricity, for although being small they are efficient enough to reduce your electricity bill to a mere 50% compared with other lightning solutions. They are also tremendously long lasting.
Led Lights also reduce the temperature of your grow room as they emit a very small amount of heat. Functioning at a low temperature the Led Grow Lights will spare you a lot of problems, as for instance with bugs in your grow space, and your plants will easily feel healthy and vigorous.
When growing with Led you should remember to add more calcium and magnesium then normally.