How To Grow With CFL Low Energy Lamps

Low energy grow lamps, also called CFL grow lamps, are perfect for beginners and people who like to avoid heat problems. Heat problems in grow rooms can give you much more worries than just a hot temperature for your plants. With a too high temperature in your growing room, your plants can easily get different diseases and pests.
The most popular CFL growing lamps are the 85W, 125W, 200W and 250W. The perfect spectrum for a low energy grow lamp, for the vegetation period have the a spectrum of 6500k. For the flowering period you should have a spectrum of 2700k.
CFL growing lamps
We at Max Grow Shop also offer dual spectrum CFL grow lights. This lamp has 50% of the spectrum 2700k and 50% 6500k. Remember that these growlights have a E40 socket and are quite heavy, which means that you should choose a good and strong reflektor for your CFL grow lamp. With CFL low energy growing lamps you are also saving money on the electricity, but remember that the plants grow slower under CFL low energy lamps than for example under MH, HPS and LED grow lamps.
  1. Furtheron we will explain what lamps better suit different growing spaces.
  2. 85W is perfect for a growing surface of 25cm. by 25cm. to 40cm by 40cm.
  3. 125W is good for an area of 35cm. by 35cm. to 50cm. by 50cm.
  4. 200W is ideal for a growing area of 45cm. by 45cm. to 60cm. by 60cm.
  5. While the 250W is perfect for an area of 60cm. by 60cm. to 80cm. by 80cm.
Now its time to learn how far away you should have your lamp from the plant. Due to fact that the low energy lamps give much less heat you can have them much closer to the plants. The 85W lamp should be 5-15 cm from the plant, the 125W at a distance of 7-20 cm, the 200W at 10-30 cm and the 250W at 20-35 cm.

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  1. It was a very interesting article for me who are thinking of start growing with CFL bulbs. Thanks for the good work guys!

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  2. Very interesting reading, good information! 🙂

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